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    Re: How many are straight acting closeted cocksuckers?

    I am also a closeted cocksucker. I began sucking men when i was 33. When i would suck one i wanted another right then too. I am now in my mid 60s. I desire a cock daily but its been a couple years . My wife has no idea of my activities. If she found out i would be divorced with very little left. If something happens with her i would suck guys every chance i could.

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    Re: How many are straight acting closeted cocksuckers?

    The part I really hated was sneaking around. The 2nd ex accused me of infidelity what she didn't know, I was sucking dicks at the local adult book store. Naturally I had to have a couple of beers to cover the cock taste. When I finally got home, she was usually watching some Hallmark movie about unrealized love. I often called it She Porn because the set ups were totally unrealistic. After all I picked her up in a bowling alley!

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    Re: How many are straight acting closeted cocksuckers?

    Reading through the posts on this thread I can't help but notice how sensitive we cocksuckers are as a group:
    1. Sensitive to the sight of an erect cock.
    2. Sensitive to the smell and first taste upon insertion.
    3. The only thing about this I am NOT sensitive to is being called a "cocksucker".
    4. I'm closeted too.

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    Re: How many are straight acting closeted cocksuckers?

    Like others have posted on this thread, I started having MM sex at an early age. Having willingly sucked my first cock and lost my butt cherry at the tender age of 14, I was cautious about whom I had sex with. Over the years, I have maintained a closeted bisexual lifestyle due to professional reasons.

    Several years ago, however, I had a regular FWBs relationship with an older married man whom I'd met online. He would come over to my apartment once or twice a week for oral sex or "relief" as he called it. It seemed that his wife had cut him off in the sex department, which seems to be common among older married couples. Then one day, out of the blue, I got a call from his wife. It seemed she had been going through his emails and his phone and saw where he had sent me a few dick pics and some explicit emails. She was furious! She threatened to out me, and even said she was going to call my boss. After several minutes of listening to her rant, I calmly told her that if she had been taking care of business at home, he never would have strayed, and then I hung up. I immediately blocked her number and then called my friend to give him a head's up that his wife had called me. He thanked me and assured me that he would take care of the situation. Apparently he did because I never heard from either of them again.

    I guess the moral of the story is... even though you may think you can be safe in the closet, it's not foolproof.

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    Re: How many are straight acting closeted cocksuckers?

    Also closeted. I?ve been having M2M sex (mostly BJs) for about 20 years. Sounds like a long time, but in actual experiences it?s more like 2 years. They are that few and far between

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    Re: How many are straight acting closeted cocksuckers?

    Quote Originally Posted by Blondeblowjob7 View Post
    I?m a closeted cocksucker. Many men say that I?m pretty straight acting. I?m athletically minded. I enjoy all sorts of outdoor activities. I?m also attracted to women. With men for me it?s honestly all about worshipping their cock and cum. I?m actually not very attracted to men. However, some feeders have said that there are certain things about me where they could tell that I was obviously a cocksucker. They said that my personality, and the way I hold myself, pegged me as a cocksucker. I?ve even had some feeders tell me that the food I love eating, and the type of clothes I prefer to wear pegged me as an obvious male cocksucker to them.
    That's interesting. Did anyone ever elaborate of what they perceived as the signs that you are a cocksucker?

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    Re: How many are straight acting closeted cocksuckers?

    Quote Originally Posted by Rest85 View Post
    That's interesting. Did anyone ever elaborate of what they perceived as the signs that you are a cocksucker?
    Aside from the obvious like responding to a posting, I do think there are both subtle and not so subtle signs. I have hooked up with guys based on subtle glances, such as one might do in the gym, or while guiding a conversation while sharing drinks with another traveling businessman in a hotel bar. A lot depends on the circumstances and surroundings. The key is to be a good listener and be observant. I once met a really nice older couple on a cruise from Miami to the Bahamas. The first night I was seated at their table, along with two other couples and a much older woman. After introductions and dinner, he (Harold) and I went to the casino while the other couples and the lady went back to their cabins. The next day, his wife caught up with me while I was sunning beside the pool.

    She ordered me a drink and sat down on a lounge chair beside me. After I thanked her, the first words out of her mouth were, "Are you gay?" I chuckled a bit then I assured her I wasn't, but I added that she was half right. She was almost comical in her approach. "So you sleep with both men and women?" she persisted.

    I told her yes, thinking that maybe she was attempting to set up a threesome. "You don't have any diseases or anything do you?" I told her no, that I was very careful about whom I had sex with and that I regularly tested and practiced safe sex.

    "That's good," she said. Then I asked her why she was so interested in my sex life? She said, "Oh, no reason except that I would like to give my husband a surprise for his birthday, but I don't do that kind of thing anymore. I've never liked it, but he does. He asks for it all of the time."

    I said, "Okay, can you be more specific? Are we talking about oral sex? Anal sex?" Clearly, that question made her uncomfortable, but she said, "Well, both actually, but the oral part is really what he likes. But I don't want him getting it from just anyone."

    I told her, "Well, every man deserves a blowjob on his birthday. I wouldn't mind taking care of that for you... I mean him. But you might want to give him a heads-up first. Some guys aren't into that sort of thing, and besides he will know it's all right with you."

    "Oh my god, thank you for the offer!" I gave her my cabin number and told her to ring me if he was interested. Later that afternoon when I returned to my cabin, there was a message on my phone. "Yes, he would like that very much," she said. "Tonight, after dinner, I'll excuse myself. You boys have fun."

    That evening we were seated at different tables, but we bumped into each other at the bar. I asked him straight up if he was up for IT and he assured he was. After a few hands of blackjack, we excused ourselves and went up to my cabin. He was very clean and well groomed. I lowered the lights and poured us both a drink. I could tell he was nervous, but I did my best to make him feel relaxed. "You know I've never done anything like this before, but man it's been so long." I said, "No, I get it. but hey it's your birthday. Just lean back, relax and I'll do the rest. It's cool. What happens on a cruise stays on a cruise."

    I said lets start by getting rid of these slacks and shoes. In a flash he had his slip-ons and trousers off. "You know, when my wife told me you were bi, I never would have believed it." By that time I was reaching into his boxer briefs and pulled out his cock (which was an impressive 7 inches half hard). "Well, one never knows," I said. The I leaned in and took him into my mouth. I felt him shiver a bit as I began to suck him to full hardness. "You know my wife used to do this for me, but for some reason, she just stopped." I told him I wish I had a quarter every time I heard that, and we both laughed.

    I told him to lay back on the bed and pretend I was anyone he could imagine. It only took a few minutes of sucking before I could feel his climax beginning to build A few moments later, he let loose his first stream, followed by three more. It was obvious that it had been a long time since he'd had a good bj.

    After he'd finished, I cleaned him up with some warm washcloths, he quickly got dressed. Before returning to his cabin, he tried to slip me a $100 bill, which I politely refused.

    The next morning, I ran into his wife on the mezzanine. She came over and gave me a big hug. "Thank you for last night," she said. "Harold loved it! He's like a new man today." I just said it was my pleasure.

    That was our first and only encounter during the trip. But, I will say, all of my drinks were complimentary during the rest of our voyage.

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    Re: How many are straight acting closeted cocksuckers?

    I am ,a lot of people think I am and only a few know for sure.

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    Re: How many are straight acting closeted cocksuckers?

    Quote Originally Posted by Rest85 View Post
    It seems we all have the same appreciation, admiration, and desire to please other men's cocks.

    I am just curious how many are straight acting and fully closeted about it, with no other person knowing that you enjoy pleasuring a nice hard dick?

    The one time I slipped up while cruising and came face to face with a guy who was acquainted with me through a customer/cashier connection, he kept saying, "I can't believe it. I never would have suspected you!"

    Thankfully he was discrete. That was years ago and I've never seen him since, so I maintain my secret side.
    I didn?t slip up, I stepped into a booth looking to suck cock and spotted a good acquaintance. My heart stopped beating I am sure. I immediately turned and hustled out of there although HE CALLED my name! In hindsight, I should have gone back in!

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    Re: How many are straight acting closeted cocksuckers?

    100% in the closet? Sex life at home is stale. Sissy hypno porn got me back into craving cock. I hadn?t sucked clock since I was a teen trading porn and playing truth-or-dare with my neighbor. Now in a sex-less marriage, watching porn led to sissy hypno, and I ended up wearing my wife?s lingerie, shaving my body completely smooth, and finding guys that would host so I could suck their cocks and get cum sprayed all over my face. More recently I?ve enjoyed receiving head rather than giving it. First from a CD/Sissy that let me fuck her in the ass on business trips, then a guy at my gym that blew me in the steam room when I decided to lay in there naked. Somewhere along the line I felt like hooking up with another woman would be cheating on my wife, but that bi/cock play was just a little guy fun on the side. I?ll never tell anyone (I enjoy the taboo), and if you can keep a secret then let?s have some fun!

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    Re: How many are straight acting closeted cocksuckers?

    I am 67 and married to a good women. But she does not want to have sex anymore. So i started to look at gay porn and now love to see hard cock ass ass fucking cock sucking. I dream of them all no one knows about me and i hope never will especially my wife. Lets just say some day i hope to have a cock in my mouth and in my ass. Untill then it will be porn jack porn jack.

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    Re: How many are straight acting closeted cocksuckers?

    I definitely am, I love sucking cock and swallowing cum

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    Re: How many are straight acting closeted cocksuckers?

    I guess I'd qualify. I've been married going on 29 years, and actively exploring my bi side for around 18 years. Have been with about 15 guys in that time. Have gone oral with a few on only a few of them, but when the mood was exactly right, I have thoroughly enjoyed enjoyed the experience of having a cock in my mouth.

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    Re: How many are straight acting closeted cocksuckers?

    47 y/o, partnered for 7yrs. Been bi-curious most my adult life. I haven't engaged in sex with guys though. My girl knows I thought about testing the waters and is ok with it.

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    Re: How many are straight acting closeted cocksuckers?

    I definitely fit into this category.

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    Re: How many are straight acting closeted cocksuckers?

    I been sucking cock since 1972. Only the ones I been with know I love sucking everyone else thinks I am straight. Been married for over 40 years not even my wife knows I love cock. The last 10 years I love to bottom. Over the years had many steadies I use to play with. I love sucking and don't care if they don't want to recip.

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    Re: How many are straight acting closeted cocksuckers?

    Straight guy but anytime I licked pussy for longer than an hour and multiple orgasms, if the girl was really into it and we continued longer then after when we were done, well that night, week or month all I do is view bj gifs and look for my right first cock. I wish I could share this desire with the girl and go back and forth all night my first time.

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    Re: How many are straight acting closeted cocksuckers?

    I've been a cocksucker now for 2 years and no one knows except for the numerous men who's cum I've now swallowed. I'm completely straight acting, but have found great enjoyment in inviting men over to my place to use me for their sexual release.

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    Re: How many are straight acting closeted cocksuckers?

    I don't think it's so much being closeted in my area, it just isn't an area where flamboyant fags are in evidence.

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    Re: How many are straight acting closeted cocksuckers?

    Same goes for my area, no one would ever think I'd suck cock by looking at me though !

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    Re: How many are straight acting closeted cocksuckers?

    I'm a masculine type, very discreet. Nobody knows and would be shocked. I haven't sucked a cock in about 10 yrs, difficult to find someone here unless you go to the abs. I prefer to find a regular buddy or a man/woman couple to play with. I do think more guys are doing it, especially as they get older.




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