Eating your own

  1. ScottTx48
    I love the taste of my cum and I love it whether from my girlfried after I have cum in her, out of a condom, or just my hand. Any other ideas of savoring your own cum?
  2. luvcocks
    You know those large travel mugs with the big flexible straws? I have used them to suck mu own cum. I can have a mouthful in just a couple of minutes if I'm in a hurry. Yum!
  3. regancd
    I love my pre cum but still having a hard time after I cum in my hand. I do give myself a facial but really need a large load if cum. Any thoughts
  4. a2smith09
    I've been eating my own cum all week, been eating lots of fruits and it tastes real good this week. I've been eating my own cum since I've been masturbating and cumming in my hand since I was 14 or so. When it's not so tasty I tend to use a towel but when it tastes good I lick it all up. You just have to lick it up. I also love blowing a nice load into my wife's pussy and then dive between her legs to lick it up. i love the taste of us both togehter
  5. moose725
    I eat my own cum everytime I masturbate.
  6. swingcpl57
    I love my precum .....having a taste right now
  7. WantFunTimes2012
    After seeing a sticker saying "Don't waster it; Taste it!" I tried my own and I now love it.
  8. cocklovers
    i travel a lot and eveytime i jerk off i shoot my load in my mouth and swallow it. i really want to clean my wifes pussy after i fill her full of cum, just havent got the nerve yet.
  9. Indyguy
    Have tasted mine several times, always good. Have never met a woman that does not enjoy a good licking after you cum in them. You can take your time cleaning them up with your tongue and deliver them another orgasm in the process, the mixed juices are always a treat.
  10. the_fella
    I've just shot into my mouth before. I've also licked cum and precum from my fingers. :D
  11. dave34748
    Many years ago I was limber enough to suck myself off and found I loved how I tasted. That hot, lightly bitter taste exploding in my mouth was such a turn-on. Now that I am older I have to lay on my back, lift my feet over my head and prop them onto the headboard, and then masturbate into my open mouth. While it is not the same as feeling it shooting into my mouth from the inside, I still get pleasure from having the cum shoot in that way.
  12. suckemall
    I have laid in bed and gotten into a position to suck my own cock and shoot a load of cum into my mouth. Love the taste of mine as well as licking my wifes pussy after she has been fucked by other guys where they left a big load of cum inside of her. She did not like it at first. The first time I ate her after she had had sex with another guy, she said that she had only met the guy and nothing happened, but when I went down on her for some foreplay, she tried to push me away, I got the taste of something that was not her and knew she had actually had sex with him. I continued to push against her hand until she stopped and let me continue. After that, she would let me eat her after going out to have sex and come home to have more with me. She finally got some of the guys to accept me in the bedroom with them where I got to watch and join them sometimes. I would lick her after the guy would shoot his load inside of her and she would have another orgasm. Most of the guys did not say anything about me doing that.
  13. wifekinky4husband
    I love it when I can get my husband to eat his cum. Crazy how it turns me on. I'd love for him to do it all the time and get kinky with it.
  14. CALL4ME
    I love the taste of my own cum. I jerk off regularly just to gt some. I wish my wife would let me eat it out of her pussy, but that's a no-go.
  15. ohbimale
    I love the taste of cum, including my own. When ever I masturbate I always eat my cum.
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